Blushington Glycolic Peel On The Go #LeCityKitty

Blushington Glycolic Peel On The Go


From fast-fashion to fast food, you can now get a quickie facial in the heart of Manhattan. Since New Yorker’s are always in a hurry, what better way to treat yo self?! I stopped by Blushington in Le Parker Meridien Hotel, for a 15 minute Beauty Rx Glycolic Peel On The Go. I initially learned about Dr. Schultz, creator of the comprehensive skin care line, Beauty RX, via an article on At the time, I was battling hormonal acne, and really wanted to check out the hype.


The peel, priced at $125, normally $225 at Dr. Schultz’s office, was indeed game-changing (as Women’s Health exclaimed). Even though my skin issues have subsided, sweating through layers of makeup during NYFW earned me a much-needed facial. I set out to the salon without any makeup, ready for my treatment. And when I got there, a Blushington esthetician walked me through the Beauty Rx peel process. By removing clogged cells from both the pores and surface of skin, glycolic acid helps prevent acne and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. Yuk and yay!


The atmosphere was luxe and relaxing, so I just sat back and allowed for the products to do its thing. And since the peel was relatively quick, I was out of there in no time. I was left with glowing gorgeous skin, but as much as I resisted touching my face, I couldn’t help it. I was smoother than, well, you know… a baby’s bottom.

Blushington Glycolic Peel On The Go #LeCityKitty



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Post peel, I was gleaming. This image below honestly does no justice for the actual gleam. If you have 15 minutes on your hands, I suggest you use them wisely. Book an appointment at Blushington and prepare yourself fabulousness!

Blushington Glycolic Peel On The Go #LeCityKitty