owl skull ring_ etsy bloodmilk

Blood thirsty and quenching for ethereal majesty, Philadelphia designer J.L. Schnabel of BloodMilk speaks to the relationship between horror and beauty. The name itself sounds grotesque and enchanting, but appeals to my obsession with the supernatural. Schnabel’s interest is for her jewelry to be a sort of ‘talisman’ or psychic armor that can “protect” their wearers both emotionally and spiritually. The process behind the line stemmed from the surrealist idea of ‘objective chance’ where seemingly unrelated objects are actually secretly and marvelously connected. “Mostly I imagine the people who wear my jewelry to be brave individuals, unafraid to make a bold statement or to reveal themselves. Jewelry is an aesthetic, spiritual language and I make BloodMilk with exclamations.” BloodMilk is phenomenally intriguing and makes my heart throb. I live for style that can identify exquisite darkness. Below are a few pieces from BloodMilk’s etsy shop.