Blogging Tips and Best Practices #LeCityKitty

Blogging Tips and Best Practices

Blogging Tips and Best Practices #LeCityKitty

You finally did it. You’ve come up with a creative name for a blog that speaks to your witty personality and fantastic style. You are officially ready to start blogging. Yes, because you have taken care of the toughest part—naming your child. It took me a few weeks to come up with Le City Kitty, mostly because I wasn’t sure I was ready to write to the world (or the tiny audience I started out with). How did I come up with my blog’s name, you ask? Well, I always secretly thought I was a cat trapped in a humans body, ever since I was a kid. With that odd notion, along with my love of French language and shopping in Manhattan, I mustered up a title for my new brand.

If you are reading this post as a new blogger, or someone who has already begun blogging, know this: to create a blog is to create a brand for yourself. I am not speaking to those who do this as a hobby, I’m talking to you who bust your ass, putting all you have into your posts. I have lots of advice to give and tips to share with you. Would I consider myself an expert? Yes. I have six years of blogging under my belt and I manage bloggers professionally for a reputable talent agency. I consider myself a professional blogger, and those who think there is no such thing can eat shit. First rule of thumb: do not let anyone discourage you from blogging. Yes, there are millions of bloggers, but there are millions of painters, makeup artists, designers, photographers, you get the hint.



Buy a damn domain! I cannot stress this enough. Buy a .com, buy a .info, .net, buy whatever your little heart pleases, but for God’s sake, buy a fucking domain. I cringe when I see any blogs using .blogspot, .tumblr, or .squarespace names. I find it lazy and unprofessional. But, if it’s an issue of your domain being taken, sweetheart, come up with something a bit more cleaver. You can purchase your domain at GoDaddy for as little as $12 a year.



You’ve locked down your domain and feel fabulous. You now own a piece of the internet. Yay! The next thing you should do is, take to every social media outlet and create accounts under the same name, or as close as you can possibly get. If you cannot get “MyName” on Instagram, try “My_Name” or “My.Name”, but do the same for everything else. All of your account names should be consistent. *Tip: If you want to grow your following, don’t even think about creating a private account. 



There are, in my opinion, way to many social media channels on the web, making it very confusing for someone just starting out. The key social networking services you should use are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. When you create a blog post it is imperative to share your work via these outlets. Spread your content as much as possible. If it’s good, people will retweet, pin, like, and share your posts (eh-hem free advertisement). *Tip: rewardStyle is the bomb for shop posts. You’ll need, too. 



You have a point of view you’d like to share, thus creating your platform in the first place. You’ve put all you efforts towards expressing yourself, don’t let grammar be your failure. In the world of Google there is absolutely no excuse for grammatical errors. Granted, we all make mistakes, but don’t purposely write as if you’ve never attended high school. If you want to work with big brands, you need to deliver professional work. It will take time to perfect your craft, but you will get there. Don’t half-ass it. People will notice.



Depending on your numbers (analytics via Google, SEO results, social media followers, and blog readers) you can get signed by an established agency. Now, don’t get discouraged. Robots are not in charge of blog selection, humans who value great blogs make these considerations. Agencies and networks to look into: Socialyte, Mode Media, Fohr Card, POPSUGAR Select, Style Coalition, Say Media, and Babble



Spend some money buying ads on Facebook and Twitter. You can easily grow your following naturally (as opposed to buying followers on Instagram) this way. Whatever your budget, you can make it work. Plus, Facebook tends to drown your posts, so if they’re not paid advertisements, almost no one will see them. Triflin’, right? But trust, it’s worth it.



I just joined ChloéDigital’s premium WordPress tech support for style publishers because I got tired of pulling my hair out, trying to decipher the stuff in my FTP files. Reading HTML, JavaScript, or creating CSS is not for everyone. If you can do it all by your lonesome, more power to you, but I’m with Chloé’s team now and they help me with everything. She gave me a blog assessment (sorta like an interview) to feel for how we can work together. It’s the best $99 a month I’ve ever spent.



You’ve followed my steps to get your blog on the right track, but there’s an important thing you need to maintain. ALWAYS make sure your images are of quality size. If your blog’s main column is 640 pixels wide, search for images that are that size or larger. It often takes me longer to create a post because I spend hours searching for high quality images. Pinterest is really helpful. Mind you, this is of course if you haven’t taken the photos yourself. In that case, be certain your images are loaded as large files.


Still need help? Visit The B Bar and get the perfect cocktail to help your blog shine. They can also help you create a media kit.

Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me below. I am happy to help!