Best Brows with Browhaus


I will admit, I obsessively strive for the most lush, full eyebrows I can possibly have. I always fill my brows in and contour them with beauty products, conscious of its natural shape. Needless to say, brow beauty is really important to me. I was invited to visit Browhaus, the one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite, for a complimentary Browgraphy: Shaping and Color Tweak treatment. Browgraphy is one of Browhaus’ most popular treatments. It shapes the brows with Threading + Tweezing, and ensures that your brows are the perfect color for your complexion with a quick Color Tweak.

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Excited about achieving the perfect brow balance, I showed up with a clean face and an open mind. I met with Jady, who walked me through the process and explained everything she was going to do. Jady began by cleaning the area around my brows, which was completely calming. She proceeded using thread, gently removing unwanted hair. The ambiance was relaxing and the music was great, making it easy to just lay back and enjoy being pampered. Jady then tweezed the last bits, and trimmed my brows into shape.



We were finally ready for my Color Tweak (Browhaus only uses vegetable-based dyes for 100% safety, and it lasts up to two weeks). Jady applied lotion around my brows for protection and chose a color for me that naturally complimented my features. I laid for a few moments, allowing the dye to set in. Jady then removed the tint revealing my new, fuller brows. She went back to make sure she removed strays, then with Browhaus‘ awesome pencil, Jady finished by filling in the tail of my eyebrows. I was completely surprised with the results. I didn’t have to make any adjustments with products at home. I can officially say, “I woke up like this.” Thanks, Browhaus!

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Photographed by Imani Jones