Bedroom Hymns

Bedroom Hymns #lecitykitty

I’ve been listening to ‘Beauty Behind The Madness‘ by The Weeknd all afternoon. The album is sexy, moody, and encouraging of a strong drink in a dark corner, least, your bedroom. Abel has always managed to stir me up when listening to his music. This album is no different. When “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face” dropped, I knew I was in for some electrifying sounds. His bedroom hymns, “Often” and “Acquainted” are at the top of my naughty playlist.

But what Abel has really got me thinking about is how to decorate my room. With tunes like this, it’s making me rethink my bedroom décor, most importantly, adding that “Fuck” sign above my bed (pictured above, on the top right). Love these ideas? Get more via my Pinterest board.

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