Beach Bound? Here's What You'll Need - Jenah Yamamoto #lecitykitty

Beach Bound? Here’s What You’ll Need

Beach Bound? Here's What You'll Need - Jenah Yamamoto #lecitykitty

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and for me that means I’ll be beach bound. I have been craving the sun. I want to feel its warmth on my skin and sand between my toes. If we’re on the same page, than great! Now we must gather the appropriate fun-in-the-sun items for our beach bag. Wait, do you even own a beach bag? The one I am currently obsessing over is by Dosa. The ‘Sam Shonzeit’ tote bag is bright, has different size handles, and can fit pretty much anything inside.

Fill your bag with sunscreen, of course. Whatever your poison, you will still be needing it to avoid damage from the sun’s harmful rays. The last thing you want is gross peeling skin because you didn’t take precaution with protecting yourself, or protecting your hair for that matter. The sun can be just as harmful to your locks. Your best bet is to nourish your tresses with a great beach spray. Below are some options.

Lastly, if you’re needing advice on what swimsuit to buy, head on over to my recent post, here.

  • I love Supergoop! products. Didn’t realize they had a sunscreen oil. Will have to try this out.