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Love your blog! In love! What made you want to create a blog? What tips do you have for someone who wants to create one? 21. September 2017

Hello! Thanks so much!! I created my blog, initially, as an online portfolio for my styling work. It then turned into a place where I can talk about all aspects of fashion, evolving into an online magazine, and lastly a personal style and beauty blog. A few tips for someone starting out, would be: research, work hard, create beautiful and well-thoughtout content, put your talents and efforts first, and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. It is only a competition if you make it one.

Hi Christina, nice blog! Wondering how you turned your blog into a full-time gig. How do you monetize it? I am a party planner and would like to start a blog re party planning ideas. What is the best way to start? 21. September 2017

Hello, and thank you! Turning my blog into a full-time gig didn’t happen overnight. I began accepting unpaid projects to build relationships with brands, and to grow my audience. From there, after developing a rapport, I began getting paid for partnerships. Through creating unique and beautiful works, brands now come to me, continuously, to collaborate. I currently work full-time, managing myself, and working with brands.

Hey Christina, I’ve been following you for a couple months and love your Insta, and find it refreshing to see someone covered in tats, doing so well in the fashion world. And not scared to be different. I myself have tats. Anyone who knows me, knows I love fashion, but am more passionate behind the scenes, and showing off my son’s style. Lol! You’re just inspiring! Aside from that, I notice you’re into crystals and spirituality. I’m a huge believer, but never used crystals. What’s a good way to start, or to look up info? Thanks! CONTINUE to be inspiring   6. September 2017

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I so deeply appreciate them! I have always been unapologetically myself, no matter who is watching, but ESPECIALLY because I have an audience of followers and readers watching. I truly believe I am successful because of this. Also, most creative people in the fashion industry are tattooed. I was a stylist prior to becoming a blogger, so I come from a different side of the industry. Bloggers on the other hand, vary. Most are not tattooed at all, or JUST STARTING to get tattooed because it became “cool”. You know how that goes… As for the crystals and spirituality, that also stems from unapologetically being myself.

I am from New York, so there are tons of places to go shopping for crystals. I don’t look them up first. I just allow myself to choose the stone based on instinct, and I am always 100% correct for selecting each stone. I let my spirit chose for me. However, if you feel you need healing in certain areas, I would just Google your needs for crystals.

Good luck!


Hey Christina, my name is Ricardo. I follow you in Snap and Instagram. Recently, you had a post of what seemed like you getting rid of a storage unit. Was that the case? What did you have in there? Was it hard letting go? I am going through something similar at home. I think you should blog about it! Thanks. 11. August 2017

Hi Ricardo! I was getting rid of my storage, but that’s because I was finally taking everything out. I had lots of things in there from my last apartment, so when I moved to Bushick last week, I could finally take my things with me. I don’t think I will blog about it, since I have recently posted more about my move. I hope that helps. Thanks for asking. 🙂

Hi Christina, It’s me: ondraya13 =) I have been wanting to start a blog about Yoga/HIIT classes or some other ideas I had. But I am clueless on where to begin! I’m not sure which topic to blog about and which website is the best to launch it. Let know if you have time to chat or meet! Would love to hear your ideas. Thank you! Andrea xoxo 18. July 2017

Hi ondraya13,

I would love to chat more about this. Please shoot me an email:

Can you talk a bit about your exercise routine and diet? 2. July 2017

I walk EVERYWHERE! Since part of my job is to attend events, I prefer to walk if I can, versus taking cabs. This has helped me drop weight so much! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my twenties, and struggled with losing weight for a long time; dropping those last 10 pounds were tough. After meeting with a new doctor and changing my meds, I think that really helped with the weight loss. I also try to eat clean whenever I can, but don’t deprive myself sweets when I’m in the mood. It’s important to have a cheat day! I squeeze in yoga and workout at home sometimes, but it’s mostly cardio these days.

Do you have any advice on how to get more followers?! I’m an aspiring fashion blogger. 🙂 15. June 2017

There’s a very long answer to that… But, mostly it has to do with creating content that’s beautiful and something people will engage with. I create my content with the idea that brands and other accounts will want to repost it. Be consistent. When you’re starting out, it’s important to have a routine your followers can look forward to. Have a style; use the same filter throughout, create a theme for yourself. Check out what your favorites accounts are doing, and appropriate that. Good luck with becoming a fashion blogger. You got this!

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  • Falen

    Hello kitty, I’m a big fan!
    How do you keep your skin so amazing? What’s your skin care routine?

    • Hi! I’m so glad you’re a fan! As for my routine, I use Skinceuticals’ Retexturing Activator under Sunday Riley’s Good Genes in the morning, I also use Good Genes and Luna from Sunday Riley at night.