Artists to Know: Puro Instinct


Piper and Skyler Kaplan of the Los Angeles-based band Puro Instinct are sugar and spice and everything thing nice. The sister-duo formulate psychedelic drug-pop vibes, delivering such sounds from their first album Headbangers in Ecstasy (2011), with a newcomer track, 6 of Swords. Puro Instinct is the perfect band for an all girls slumber party, filled with satin pillow fights, shag rugs, and LSD-coated candy necklaces. Check out the interview below to find out more about these L.A. babes.


Photographed by Jessie Askinazi

Giulia: Puro Instinct has been on a lengthy hiatus. Where have you ladies been?
Piper: Woooo! That’s a loaded question. Sky had to graduate high school and then I got really sick for a year and a half and dealt with that. We were writing and recording throughout all of it, but we weren’t really ready to release anything until recently. It also took us a couple of years to figure out how to produce ourselves because we didn’t really have anyone engineering or helping us in that regard.

Giulia: Your music is an amalgamation of a psychedelic Madonna, anti-establishment and P.J. Sparkles. Who and where do you find most of your inspiration from?
Piper: It’s sick you know who P.J. Sparkles is. She’s pretty obscure. I would say Angelyne AKA the Queen of Hollywood is a huge inspiration for us. She’s a doll-like love goddess who cruises around L.A. in a hot pink corvette and we absolutely adore her!

Giulia: Both you and Skylar mirror luminescent mermaids in all of your photos. Besides the sea breeze, gives us your guide to achieving that effortless California-babe look.
Piper: Thanks, yo! We drink our greens, smoke our greens and hang with Angelyne a lot. I think laughing is pretty crucial for staying fresh so we try to surround ourselves with funny people and make fools of ourselves as often as possible.

Giulia: The title of your newest release, 6 of Swords, which is also a Tarot Card, symbolizes movement towards change or a more promising future. In what ways is this true to your newest album you are currently working on?
Piper: It’s always going to be our intention to continue to move forward and develop our sound, as well as challenge ourselves to improve and build upon the foundation we’ve created with Puro.

Giulia: Can you explain your relationship with Ariel Pink? Describe what it’s like when you 3 come together and combine your creative forces.
Piper: Ariel is our older brother from another mother who is very similar to our mother, actually. We (Sky, Ariel and I) have been trying to get our mom’s together to go on a lunch date for a while, but it’s hard to wrangle everyone up.

Giulia: When can we expect the release of your newest album?
Piper: We haven’t really figured that out just yet but definitely early 2015.


Contributed by Giulia Marsico
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