Are You Oil Pulling?

Are You Oil Pulling? #lecitykitty

I’ve swished and swished for 3 weeks, and I have lots to say about oil pulling. I first heard about the health trend, 2 months prior to my starting, from my boyfriend’s mother. She gushed about how great “swishing” was (that’s what she called it), then gloated about how its benefits brightened her teeth, stopped bad breath, and kept gingivitis at bay. Essentially, oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for oral health and detoxification. It involves the use of pure oils as agents for pulling harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, gums and throat.

The way to get it done is by placing a tablespoon of cold pressed organic coconut oil into your mouth and swishing it around for about 10-15 minutes. Be sure to spit (and not swallow) contents into the toilet, and flush right away. Hardened oil can clog your drain. Also, other oils, such as sunflower and olive oil can be used. I chose coconut oil because I just liked the way it tastes. The mushy consistency felt weird for the first two days, but I got used to it.

First, the oils mix with the saliva, turning it into a thin, white liquid. Lipids in the oils begin to pull out toxins from the saliva. As the oil is swished around the mouth, teeth, gums and tongue. The oil continues to absorb toxins, and usually ends up turning thick and viscous and white. Once the oil has reached this consistency, it is spit out before the toxins are reabsorbed. Kind of gross, but also kind of cool. I’ve included a video below to help you better get the gist. Happy pulling!

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