Anna Sheffield Valentine’s Event + Exclusive Video

LCK x Anna

Last week my partner-in-crime Miguel Aviles and I joined Anna Sheffield in celebrating the launch of her collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist Julia Chiang. The ‘ALL FOR YOU’ Valentine’s soirée featured Chiang’s ‘Forever and Longer’ artwork lined along the Orchard Street Atelier where Sheffield and Chiang debuted two limited edition bands, hand-engraved with the phrases borrowed from Chiang’s nostalgic and playful artwork. The collaboration took inspiration from Sheffield’s signature “Not To Be Fucked With” commitment bands that are now available for custom order.

Ring Pops and jellybeans filled the Atelier, along with a great turnout of guests that Sheffield walked through the customization process, exploring the endless options available. What’s more is Sheffield also launched the first ever Gem + Diamond Bar created especially for customizing rings, earrings, necklaces and even bracelets. I fancied the bar quite a bit. Adorning my hands with gorgeous rings, lining loose gemstones along my fingers, was an absolute treat. I must have tried on every ring that night, including a few candy rings.

Miguel filmed the event, following along as I went from bar to display, getting my hands on everything. There is much fun to be had trying on engagement rings and wedding bands, I was like a kid in a candy shop. I even had Miguel try on a few. We both fell in love with Sheffield’s Virtue Band with black diamonds around both edges. In the end, after a few sips of Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs and an unwrapped Ring Pop in hand, I pretended to proposed to Miguel. He enjoyed it, where as I just giggled and blushed immediately after. We caused quite the scene.

I gained a great deal of knowledge at the Atelier, discovering the elegant array of rings and signature styles of mixed precious metals. Anna Sheffield offers a timeless alternative to the traditional world of Commitment and Fine jewelry with an extensive collection of finely crafted baubles. While I was there, I decided on my favorite pieces and added them below to help you choose your Valentine’s Day gift. Bear in mind the ‘Forever and Longer’ bands will be for sale exclusively in 2014 while a limited run of only 15 diamond-studded ‘All For You’ bands will be created.


Video by Miguel Aviles
Music: Mansionair – “Hold Me Down” (feat. Revier)