Ann Demeulemeester Fall/Winter 2013

There was very little structure in Ann Demeulemeester’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Demeulemeester’s long white dresses draped onto the ground over black leather biker boots, and later in looks of all black were cinched at the waist by leather bodices. Demeulemeester’s collection was soft and delicate in her way. Bowler hats in white and black cast shadows on models’ faces making them appear sad and almost heartbroken. Were these woman widows of the nineteenth-century? Demeulemeester’s monochromatic assembly does however translate into her typical romantic goth. I will take the hats and leave the rest.

Fashion must be relevant and rooted in its time. It must reflect the moment in which we live, our desires, our sentiments. Poetry, hope, strength, soul, spirituality: that is what we are looking for. I would like to express all this and translate it into a shape. — Ann Demeulemeester