Christina here, but you can call me Chris. I created Le City Kitty as a way to promote my styling career, but what started out as a hobby, turned into a full-time gig. Launching a blog, at the height of its popularity, was one of the best things I did. From writing articles on runway shows and editorials, Le City Kitty became a place where I could share my personal stories. In 2014, I re-launched LCK as a style blog, adding beauty to the mix. Since then, I’ve been pouring into my blog all that I can to keep it authentic.

Welcome to Brooklyn #LeCityKitty

As for my personal style, I really love playing up my different identities—from making sporty looks versatile to giving a simple t-shirt, jeans and heels combo a run for its money. There’s a quote by Leonardo DiCaprio that goes, “Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” I apply that to my style, daily. My goal is for Le City Kitty to serve as a source of inspiration, as well as being informative about beauty. I will always provide you with fresh content and real-life tips.

Turning my blog into a full-time career would not be possible without you. I cherish your support, as it is what fuels me to keep going. I truly enjoy sharing my life and personal experiences with you; whether it be how I battled bad skin from using expired makeup, or how I journeyed through Puerto Rico, in self-discovery. I am incredibly grateful for all of you who stop by. Please feel free to reach out (here) and introduce yourself, or to even share your thoughts. Thank you so much for visiting!

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Here are 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me and some FAQ, so you can get to know me more.