5 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date #LCKDaily #LeCityKitty

5 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date

5 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date #LCKDaily #LeCityKitty

As someone who’s been single for a few years now, and just been invited to Tinder Select (what is my life?), I can offer a few pointers on dating. For me, it typically goes from match to message, to texting, and he typically schedules a date right away. This speedy connection leaves little time to think about what you should and shouldn’t being doing, come date night. What are you going to say? How is it going to go? And, most importantly, is he as cute as his Bumble or Raya photos? Stop driving yourself nuts, and read my helpful hints, below.

5 Things You Should Never Do on a First Date #LCKDaily #LeCityKitty


1. DON’T talk about your ex.
Honestly, no one wants to hear about an ex on the first date, or ever! I know I don’t. Mum is the word unless asked, and that is still a tricky topic to discuss. This is a big no-no until you’ve established solid ground.

2. DON’T be attached to your phone.
The internet is not going anywhere, but your date might if you don’t put your phone down. Will you feel FOMO for missing whatever it is you want to look at? Maybe, but you’d be missing out on so much more if you aren’t present on your date. Put your phone away, at least until they leave to the restroom, and perhaps check it then for your friend trying to save you from your date gone bad.

3. DON’T get drunk!
Please, I repeat, DO NOT GET DRUNK! We’ve all been there (even me. Shocker!). It may seem fun going in, but all will not end well, and you probably won’t get a call or text back (I don’t care how good you are). Save the boozy bingeing for the recap with your friends after your date.

4. DON’T talk too much about yourself.
Leave a little to the imagination (especially with your outfit of choice) and keep some things to yourself. Your date should not be learning all of your secrets upon arrival, or that you want to name your first child, “Paul”. Personal topics should be off the table until date 3.

5. DON’T ask him too many personal questions.
There’s no need to make your suitor feel uncomfortable, this is a first date, not an investigation. If the date goes well, you’ll eventually find out those personal questions you secretly want the answers to, down the line.

I hope your date(s) go(es) well. And remember, they already said yes, so you’re half way there!